Mood Disorders Ottawa

MDO is a registered, nonprofit volunteer-run organization 
that supports people with mood disorders and their loved ones.

Recovery through Expressive Arts Program (REAP) - starts September 2017

MDO's Recovery through Expressive Arts Program is a 10-week workshop that provides a safe place for participants to explore their creativity and learn more about themselves and others. Participants will be introduced to a variety of visual arts mediums (such as drawing, pastels, and collage) and writing techniques (such as free association, poetry, and prose). All materials are provided free of charge.

The workshop begins on Monday, September 11, 2017 and continues until Monday, November 20, 2017. It will take place at the CMHA building (1355 Bank st.) on the fourth floor (same place as the peer support group). The sessions are from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Maximum of 12 participants. For more information, or to register, contact MDO at 613-526-5406 or email [email protected]

This program is made possible through a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Pathways to Recovery - next program starts January 2018

Pathways to Recovery is a 10-12 week program and is a valuable tool for people who have been labeled with mental health challenges who are thinking about what recovery would look like, and what it means to be on the journey of recovery. Pathways groups offer a self-directed way of transforming experiences as a consumer/survivor, mental patient or mental health service system user and using those experiences to achieve recovery. Our goal in using this program is to provide a supportive culture for people to explore their own recovery in a self-directed and self-controlled way, but done in group so that the experience can involve mutual support and building relationships that support and sustain recovery. Our hope is that people who participate in this program, and incorporate its work into their own journeys of healing, will one day receive most of their life?s supports and resources outside of the mental health system. 
 What is Recovery?

"Recovery is a process, a way of life, an attitude, and a way of approaching the day's challenges...The need is to meet the challenge of the disability and to re-establish a new and valued sense of integrity and purpose within and beyond the limits of the disability; the aspiration is to live, work and love in a community in which one makes a significant."

Patricia E. Deegan, National Consumer Leader

Pathways to Recovery is funded in part by United Way


WRAP® Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Next session starts September 28, 2017

WRAP® is a 10 week self-management recovery program designed to decrease symptoms, increase personal responsibility and improve the quality of life for people who experience psychiatric symptoms. This self-designed plan teaches you to use simple, safe, personal skills, supports, and strategies to reduce or eliminate symptoms. It also includes plans for responses from others when you cannot make decisions, take care of yourself or keep yourself safe. WRAP is not meant to replace, but to complement, professional health care support and medication.
WRAP® is a structured system to monitor uncomfortable and distressing feelings and behaviors and, through planned responses, reducing, modifying, or eliminating them. It also includes plans for responses from others when you cannot make decisions, take care of yourself, or keep yourself safe.

"Every intention is the trigger for transformation." - Deepak Chopra

Family Recovery Action Plan FRAP 

FRAP is a workshop for family members of people with mental health challenges. It is a free 8-week workshop that takes a practical self-help approach to care and recovery for all members of the family. It is based on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), a program that has helped thousands of people with mental health challenges to improve the quality of their lives. WRAP has since been adapted for people with chronic pain, veterans, and now family members!

FRAP is presented by PSO For more information click here to go to the PSO website

MDO 2017/2018 WRAP programs are funded in part by the Ottawa Community Foundation and the Champlain LHIN.