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As a volunteer peer-run organization, Mood Disorders Ottawa is continually attempting to improve the quality of programs, events and activities that are offered to members and the public at large. Filling out a complaint report will allow MDO to become aware of any issues needing to be resolved in an effort to strive for excellence.


Rest assured MDO is committed to address each of these reports with the utmost respect and compassion it deserves.  The goal is to make everyone who comes forward feel safe and secure throughout the entire process. Confidentiality is important and only those involved in the steps for corrective action will have access to the necessary information required to find a satisfactory solution.


MDO praises and thanks you for the courage it takes to come forward and share any concerns you may have.  Your effort will assist MDO to grow and prosper while ensuring the experience of all those involved with MDO is a positive one!

Complaint Report

Are you reporting this incident for yourself or someone else?
If you are filling out this report on behalf of someone else, are they aware that you are doing so?
What is the best way to reach you?
Can we leave you a voicemail if you are not available to answer our call?

Thanks for submitting!

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