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Meditative Drawing


Meditative and Relaxing Art in Recovery through Vibes

MR. ART VIBES- A meditative drawing program with a focus on music immersion and simple drawing practices; designed to naturally produce endorphins and encourage a positive mindset.

Each session features a curated playlist of relaxing sounds- ambient beats, chilled out vibes, meditative Zen music, calming nature samples and more. These sounds are all accompanied with a meditative drawing exercise where the participant is encouraged to get lost in the atmosphere, have their own individual experience through a focused process and enjoy this time for self-care.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the daily chaos in our minds- MR. ART VIBES presents an opportunity to come together, experience together, and create together

Tuesdays afternoons starting July 12 at 1pm via ZOOM

10 Weeks

      Meditative Drawing 

Tuesdays July 12th,2022

10 Weeks    


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