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The Pathways to Recovery program (12 weeks) and workbook takes a strengths based, self help approach to recovery. Pathways will take you through a process of exploring your own recovery journey while creating a long-range vision for your life. It helps you to identify your personal strengths and dreams, and refocus on reclaiming positive sources of identity and a life beyond being a person with a mood disorder or a consumer of mental health services. It helps you think about and plan how to improve your quality of life and to live a full life, despite your history or challenges.

Our goal in using this program is to provide a supportive culture for people to explore their own recovery in a self-directed and self-controlled way, but done in group so that the experience can involve mutual support and building relationships that support and sustain recovery. Our hope is that people who participate in this program, and incorporate the work into their own journeys of healing, will one day receive most of their life's supports and resources outside of the mental health system.

Spring program:


Beginning April 10th, 2024

12 weeks

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Hosted via ZOOM to start

with transition to HYBRID

virtual / in person sessions

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