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Next session TBA

MDO's Recovery through Expressive Arts Program (REAP) is a 12-week workshop that allows participants to explore their creativity and themselves through simple visual arts and writing exercises. Led by peer and arts facilitators, the workshop provides a safe space to learn. Participants will be introduced to a variety of visual arts mediums (~ drawing, pastels, and collage) and writing techniques (~ free association, poetry, and prose). Participants need to be willing to engage in some introspection and attend most sessions, particularly the 1st workshop information session on 10September ,,, if its not for you, no need to attend the rest.

When: Next session TBD

All participants must attend the 1st workshop/info session on 10September. If its not for you, no need to attend the rest.

Where: 4th floor, CMHA building (1355 Bank St.), same place as the Peer Support Group.

Registration: Contact MDO at email or phone above.

Note: The workshop is free of charge, including materials, and is open to the community; a minimum of 12 participants is required.

This program is made possible through a grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation.

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