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Mood Disorders Ottawa

MDO is a registered nonprofit, volunteer-run organization 
that supports people with mood disorders and their loved ones.


What is most personal is most universal.” - Carl Rogers

Writing your story can help you make sense of your experience, connect with your resilience, and find hope and peace. Sharing your story in public (optional) can inspire others, shift opinions, and create positive change. If you have been thinking of sharing your story with others, please join us for the “Tell Your Story” workshop. We offer a non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere where you can work on your story at your own pace - in written format or by sharing with others in the workshop.

The workshop consists of 3 modules. Each module covers a specific topic and allows time for participants to share the stories they have prepared for the group, if desired. The flexibility of this workshop allows you to come for the topics that interest you as well as receive feedback on your practice presentations, again, if desired. All of this happens in a non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere...with quite a few laughs along the way.

Details:  7-9p;  1355 Bank Street, 4th floor
Register at email or phone above.

Module 1:  27 Feb due to weather cancellations   (Practice Session 13Mar)
Honouring my story:  explores your motivation for sharing your story. You will develop your main message and identify your preferred audience.  
Module 2:  27March   (Practice Session 10April)
Developing my story: covers the opening, body and closing of your story. You will start putting your story down on paper.
Module 3:  24April   (Practice Session 8May)
Refining my story:  examines language, assumptions, and stigma. You will refine your story to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Practice Sessions:
Practicing my story:  3 practice sessions will be offered as noted above after Modules 1, 2 and 3. You can practice presenting your story as it evolves (if desired), and receive feedback.


1 - 27Feb       13Mar

2 - 27Mar       10Apr

3 - 24Apr        8May

Facilitator: Sharon Roberts is a facilitator for Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Pathways to Recovery and Peer to Peer Support Group for MDO. She is passionate about peer support and mental health recovery for herself and others experiencing mental illness.